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Proofreading & Editorial

We provide professional proofreading and copy editing services. These services are provided for all written works: Graduation theses/dissertations, programs and bulletins, novels, lab reports, book reviews, coursework, speech/presentations, articles, essays, research proposals etc.

We guarantee an effective service and offer you 100% satisfaction. If you are unhappy with rendered services, you get a refund or we proofread your document again.

How It Works:

We obtain your deadline-for-submission date and also your deadline-for-retrieving-the-material-from-us date. This way care is taken to meet up in a timely manner. We suggest that you use the extra time to review your edited work so that any issues you may have can be resolved before your final submission date.

No matter the quality of work you produce, we promise not to charge any extra fees for extensive corrections and editorial work. See our Rates Page for more information!

You will benefit from using this service because we:

    Offer a fast service which ensures that your written work is presented in the best possible way, using concise and correct English. This involves ensuring that correction of grammar, tense (i.e. consistency), spelling and punctuation are all included, without distorting the message.

    Offer these services on-line so we can provide a fast and efficient service. This also means we have low overhead costs which are reflected in our pricing.

    Send prompt replies to customer inquiries.

    Meet the total word requirements on your document and ensure that when editing, the necessary information is not diluted or removed.

    Take clients privacy seriously and treat every document with the strictest confidence.