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Resume FAQs.

1. Who is this website for?

The job seeker! To get a job, you need a professional résumé and cover letter to market your skills and potentials to the employing company. Your résumé is a marketing tool and needs to be written, formatted and presented in a way that ensures you stand out from the competition.

2. I live abroad, how can I access your services?

Irrespective of your location, Res&Docs is just a click away from providing you with the required service. Our people have the experience and knowledge of various industries and will provide you with a specific résumé to meet the acceptable length, format and structure worldwide.

3. How does this service work?

It’s easy! Look through our site, and choose the service option that meets your needs then contact us. You can drop us a quick email or ring us up for a chat and that’s it. If we require further information, we will either send you an email or ring you up. You will receive your professional tailor made résumé/cover letter within 48 hours

4. I am a Senior Professional – Can you help me?

The résumé at the Professional/Management and Executive level is tailored specifically for your next role, and is required to highlight your years of professional experience. As important as it is to concentrate on your skills, experience and achievements, we also focus on the non-tangible qualities such as your leadership abilities, how you resolve conflict and your strong interpersonal skills – all the key qualities to make you stand out against the competition

5. I am a student, why would I need a résumé now?

A résumé can be beneficial to students especially as they can map out the modules studied and part time or internship jobs they do over the summer break or as required by the university. Many companies have been known to make job offers to students’ months before they graduate. We focus on highlighting the education, knowledge, skills and work experience (if applicable) of students when preparing an entry level résumé

6. What if I have no work experience?

That’s okay! There are many people in your position who are looking for their first job. In this case, our job is to highlight your skills, knowledge, and education (if applicable). We are experienced in developing these types of résumés and making your key competencies stand out to the reader.

7. Do I need a cover letter?

A cover letter throws some light on your personality. It is the first thing an employer would use in forming an opinion about your suitability for the job. It can also be used to defend your job application.

8. How long will it take to get a new résumé?

You will receive everything within 48 hours from the time you email the résumé to us irrespective of the day of the week. Once we have all the required information from the client, one of our consultants would begin work on it. We do not compromise quality for speed but will ensure you receive it at the stipulated time.

9. How is payment made?

Payment can be made via direct bank transfer into our account using a credit or debit card (account information is given on the Rates Page). In order to eliminate bad debts and keep our costs and fees at a minimum we ask for payment to be made at the time of order. We also ask for clients to notify us when payment has been made to avoid delays

10. Can I edit the résumé you create for me?

Yes. You can edit, save, print and handle the document as you wish.

11. If I lose my résumé do I pay to have another copy sent?

We will send you another copy at no extra cost. All résumés prepared by us are stored online in our Résumé Bank. If you lose your computer or storage device with the résumé on it, we will be happy to send another copy to you.

12. Would I need to visit in person?

No. Our work is executed over the internet (via emails) and telephone

13. What if I change my mind about the service?

If you change your mind about using our services before your completed work has been sent, let us know immediately and you will be refunded; otherwise you will be billed accordingly.

14. Why are the prices different for different classes of résumé?

The requirements of putting together an Entry level résumé will be different from that of a Young professional or an Executive in terms of the amount of work required. Prices are set based on the clients’ experience level.

15. How do you measure success?

Simple – by the work we do. We know we are on the right track when our clients’ are happy with the work done and recommend our services to their friends and colleagues. Also when they return for repeat services i.e. updates to their resume. We know that for each client that we provide resumes for, there is one less person ill prepared for the job market. This is what we base our success on.

16. What are my chances of getting a new job with your services?

We know how tricky the labour market can be and will not say a professionally written résumé by us is guaranteed to get you the job of your dreams. However, what we do say is, given the right resume and cover letter, sound knowledge of the employers business and interview tips – you stand a higher chance at being recruited.

17. Are discounts available for job seekers?

Majority of our clients are unemployed and we take that into cognizance when setting fees. Our prices are already structured to be affordable for all our clients.

18. What formats will my new résumé be in?

We can present your résumé in two (2) formats: Microsoft Word – The preferred file format for most recruiters. You will also be able to easily edit your own résumé in the future. Adobe PDF – Using PDF gives your résumé an extra professional look and ensures that your résumé will always be viewed exactly as you sent it. This also prevents unwanted alterations to your résumé by third parties. You can also specify the version of Microsoft Word you require.

19. What if I don’t like the design you have done for my new résumé?

Please tell us, we won’t be offended. We want you to have a résumé you are happy with and which you can use confidently in applying for jobs. Just tell us what you don’t like about it and we will do our best to make you happy.

20. Do you work on evenings and weekends?

We work all through the week. However, if your work is urgent or you do not receive a response from us within 3 hours please send us another email or ring our number.

If you would like answers to questions not listed please contact us