With a job market that is increasingly competitive, you have to show recruiters that you are worth inviting to the interview stage by standing out from the crowd. Your résumé should not be filled with irrelevant facts, it should provide the reader with just enough information on which to make a decision.

Res&Docs creates professionally written résumés and cover letters for clients of every industry and career level. Using the information obtained from you, we emphasize your strengths, achievements, skills, qualifications, capabilities and experience to prospective employers in the right way to get you noticed.

When your résumé is not properly tailored to the advertised position, it shows you are ill prepared and just applying with the hope to meet at least one of the listed criteria. This is bad practice! Your résumé should always show the recruiter that you understand what they are looking for, and have the skills and drive to fill that vacant position.

Our résumés are tailored to your experience levels and number of years in employment. We also offer a tune-up service for clients who only want to refresh their current résumé. The categories we work on are given below:

Graduate/Entry Level

This service is for recent graduates or people with less than 2 years’ work experience. With little or no formal work experience to go by, we create résumés that focus on the qualifications, achievements (obtained in school), voluntary work experience, and social skills of the client. This shows prospective employers your potential and how open you are to growth and development opportunities.

Young Professional Level

This is for clients with 2 to 5 years work experience. By concentrating on their strengths, career objectives, problem solving skills and career progression till date; we can highlight your strong points and focus on your career development (success stories and contributions) – especially to past and current employers.

Executive Level

This service is for clients in top managerial positions. Your résumé will be tailored specifically for your next role to highlight your years of professional experience and contributions (problem solving skills, leadership achievements, team building and management skills etc.) to internal teams and the organization as a whole. By emphasizing your competencies to the potential employer, you stand a better chance of demonstrating how your skills and knowledge-base would make a perfect fit to the recruiting company.